Applecast Eco Centre

Applecast Ecocentre, also known as Cast North West, is a Charity supported by Prince Harry, that supports young adults in vocational work.

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Vocational Studies

Applecast North West provides vocational studies and respite for young adults from a wide variety of backgrounds. They enable education and support for qualifications for children and young adults who learn better through vocational studies.

Our Involvement

Whilst also donating our time to assist with marketing various events and causes for the organisation, we were also privileged to be able to donate towards the purchase of a new shire horse, Melissa.

Her lovely temperament and gigantic size are sure to draw a crowd for the charity.

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Melissa Shire Cast North West

Knights and Melissa

Melissa is a rare spectacle that will assist in generating public interest in the Visitor’s Centre that is due to open fully over the next 12 months.

The farm, that features many animals including sheep, goats, chickens, ducks, birds of prey, and countless others, will serve as a public attraction.

Public interest in the visitors centre will provide another revenue stream for the charity, whilst the running of the farm and animal care offers another vocation path that Cast can provide formal qualifications in for their students.

More About Cast

Cast also offer vocational studies and formal qualifications in a number of fields, and also provide respite lodges, fishing, a cafe, and a garden centre.

For more information, visit their website using the link below.

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