Digital Marketing

Taking your business from having no plan or direction for your marketing, to a clear objective, online presence, and ongoing digital strategy to achieve your goals.

Let's Go


The marketing track with Knights begins with discovery. This phase is all about establishing what your goals and objectives are as a business. We take stock of all your current marketing efforts, look at your competitors, and establish what you’re trying to achieve.

After all, if you don’t know where you’re heading, we’ll find it difficult to get there.


Once we know your objectives, we start to interrogate your message and audience targeting. We’ll align your brand, website, digital, and printed media, so you have a clear and uniform message across the board.

This will prep you to be truly ready to convert those visitors into customers.


Once your targets are in place and your message is clear, you’ll be ready to sell. We’re here to expertly handcraft a highly converting website just for you, using a bespoke blend of off the shelf and bespoke technologies to deliver an experience that’s directly in line with your marketing objectives.



Our content management of choice for most SME brochure, blog, and even eCommerce projects.

We’re not talking off the shelf themes and plugins, we’ll build a completely bespoke WordPress installation crafted to your business needs.


Sometimes WordPress doesn’t fit the bill, but we’re happy to work with any platform.

If you’re really looking to expand and automate, our digital transformation track compliments our Digital Marketing services perfectly.

The Results

The endgame for our marketing track is to define and align your marketing efforts with your business objectives. Once complete your business will have a clear goal, an online and offline presence to support it, and a digital strategy to deliver.