Web App Development Services

At Knights, we create digital platforms that are either client or colleague facing, that help you run your business. If you're running your company on Microsoft Excel or on paper, and you've outgrown it, it might be time to evolve.

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We Build Apps & Back Office Systems

Like many businesses starting out, we all crack open a spreadsheet and start using that to run our business, or perhaps even some paper forms and templates we’ve made in word.

When business starts to take off, these legacy systems can hold us back, or worse, cause serious problems with our growth in future.

With the Lockdown in 2020, and the ever changing world of Digital Business, there’s never been a better time to cut the reliance on old tech and paper, and evolve to a truly digital business.

Types of Digital Platforms That We Build

Client Facing

Our client facing apps can be anything from web apps that allow people to place orders, eCommerce platforms, and data sharing apps, to full business systems that form the core of your service.

Apps that fall in to this category could be:

  • eCommerce Websites
  • Order Management Systems
  • Digital Experiences
  • Data Collection Apps

Back Office

Back office systems are used by internal staff, management, and various other parties, to assist the business in its day to day, strip manual admin, and give detailed reports and realtime information to the management team.

Example apps could be:

  • Client Relationship Managers
  • Business Intelligence Solutions
  • HR Systems
  • Time & Attendance Systems

There are no limits to what can be achieved. With bespoke apps, you don’t have to fit into the workflows that off the shelf systems define.

Your Business Ran Your Way

After spending years building your company, we don’t think you should need to change your systems to conform to a piece of software that may not always operate the way it currently does.

We build our systems to enable your business to operate more efficiently, using your own processes and procedures.

We build around you, to save you time, and give you more freedom to make the important decisions.

We can't believe how sophisticated our app is, we were so excited to go live. It's a big USP for us, and the intelligence will be great for our supply chain.

Examples of Knights Digital Platforms

To see some examples of how Knights have helped our clients over the years, take a look at our App Development projects to get some inspiration as to how we might be able to speed up your workflows, and help your business grow.

We have many examples to browse, alongside our web development and marketing projects.