New Digital Business Card Features

Kontakt Updates: Feb 2022

We know you've been loving our digital Kontakt cards, so we've added some cool new features based on your feedback!

Posted 18th February 2022 | By Dan Ackers

We Made New Stuff Just For You!

It’s been a few months since we launched Kontakt, our new platform for free digital business cards, and you’re likely one of the lucky users if you’re reading this.

So you’ll be excited to know about our brand new features!

New Kontakt Feautures 2022

New Dashboard

Your new dashboard gives more access to analytics than before, so you can see how many times your cards have been scanned at a glance, and you can easily access our new function, Kontakt Inbox!

Kontakt Inbox

This is a great little tool when you’re out networking, if people don’t have a business card of their own, or you need to remember to call someone at a later date. More on this below.

Callbacks & Messages

Now on your profile you’ll see the Send Message and Request a call buttons.

Your prospect just needs to fill out these short forms and their details will be stored in your Kontakt App for safe keeping.

Great for when you’re networking and you want to remember to call a cool new contact back the following day.

These messages will stick around until you delete them, and you’ll be notified by email, so you never miss a lead.

No Card? Get one!

Kontakt cards are currently free, if you’ve not got yours yet, just click the button below to order.