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To Make Kontakt? Free Biz Cards

Share all of your contact details with just a tap, with Kontakt: our free digital business cards.

Impress your clients whilst networking with our free app.

Kontakt Cards Free Digital Business Cards

Impress at Networking

Show off your tech prowess with a seriously cool talking point at networking meetings.

Share With A Tap

Share all of your contacts and social media links with just a tap, old phone? There's a QR code backup too.

Save to Address Book

Your new leads can download your contact card straight into their address book with just a tap.

No Apps Needed Just Tap Away

If your phone is equipped with NFC (most modern ones are), you just need to tap your card on your device.

Tap the popup on screen and bam! Your details are there to share.

Works on all recent phones that are NFC enabled.

More Trees, Please!

Starting in Summer 2022, for every digital business card we ship, we’ll also be planting a tree!

So you can help us save the environment, by upping your networking game, and getting a super cool digital business card!

Team Trees Logo

We plant trees with the help of the wonderful #TeamTrees. Learn more about them using the link provided.

Edit Digital Business Card

Hey! It's Alive!...
Update Anytime

With our easy online app you can log in at any time and update your Kontakt card’s data, in realtime.

The minute you save it, next time you scan it, the information will be updated.

Using Your Card


Simply slide down your Quick Settings Menu, expand it, and slide over to the right. Then tap the NFC icon to turn it on.

Now just hold your card next to your phone, and you’ll see a popup.

iPhone XS and Newer

Newer iPhones have background tag reading capability.

Simply hold your card near the back top of your phone and it should pop up with a notification.

iPhone 7 and 8

Slide down your control centre from the top right, or bottom on some versions of iPhone, then tap the NFC icon to launch the reader.

Now simply hold your tag nearby and tap the on screen popup.

Once You're Open

Now you’ve opened your link, a web browser will open with your Kontakt profile. 

Tapping the links will take you to either a call, email, or weblink and social profiles.

Pressing the Download Contact Card button will download a VCF file to your device that you can open and save straight to your contacts – no typing required.

Older Phone? Or Online Networking?

If your phone doesn’t have NFC capability, you can open your profile and scan your QR code at the bottom.

This will link to the same profile as your NFC card. 

You can also print this QR Code or include it on zoom meetings so people can instantly grab your details without typing!

Interested? It's Totally Free

It’s completely free to get one, we’re just happy to help like-minded small business owners!

Just fill out the form on the right and we’ll post your card out on the next working day.

All we ask in return is that you shout about us and where you got your awesome card from when you’ve blown people’s minds!

Due to high demand, we can only ship up to 2 free cards to any one business. But we can ship as many of our premium cards as your business requires. Enquire below if you need more than 2x.

Get Yours

By submitting this form you consent to us storing your details on the Kontakt app, encoding it to your card, and keeping in touch with you.

Existing User?

You can manage your Kontakt cards, create new profiles, and change your details with our easy online app.

Your initial login details will have been sent to your email, or printed on your welcome pack.

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