Making First Contact Count

As best-selling author and respected networking expert Stefan Thomas says during his many public talks: “every big opportunity starts with a little conversation.” At Knights Digital, we couldn’t agree more, which got us thinking. What if you could end that little conversation by making a great first impression?

Posted 5th January 2022 | By Dan Ackers

Showing Off Your Digital Business Card

Our Kontakt cards are digital business cards that let you share you contact details with anybody you meet, simply by tapping it on their phone. It really is a simple as that. One tap transfers your name, your business name, contact number, email address, and more.

No longer do you have stand around, awkwardly repeating numbers and correcting spelling mistakes, as your new contact fumbles with tapping them into their phone. One tap is all it takes – it’s a hell of a tech-savvy way to show off! 

But aside from being a memorable and impressive way to share contact details, what else can your Kontakt card do for you?

Kontakt Free Digital Business Card

Ways to Impress with Kontakt

1. Print Your QR Code

While digital marketing is better for the environment, integrating it with printed media is always a good idea, to get the best of both worlds. You might want a stock of printed business cards, be running a door-drop leaflet campaign, or setting up a stand at an industry convention.

Your Kontakt profile generates a QR code that you can incorporate into your printed materials. People can scan it with their phones and instantly import your contact details, safely and accurately.

Even when you’re not there in person, you can still be making contacts and generating leads.

Digital Business Card by Kontakt

2. Use on Online Networking

Of course, your QR code isn’t limited to print media. By using software like ManyCam, you can easily add overlays to your Zoom meeting screens, so why not incorporate your Kontakt QR code into your feed?

If you’re part of a networking organisation like 4N Online or FAB Networking group, you can end up in online networking sessions with dozens of participants.

When you’re done introducing yourself, have the rest of the group scan your code with their phones from the comfort of their own desk and grab your contact details instantly to save into their respective phone books.

3. Add to Email Signature

While nothing beats face-to-face networking, sometimes it’s not so easy. In today’s global marketplace, much of our communication is still done over a distance by email. And that’s fine – most of us have a mail signature that we include at the end of each email, right? Now, think about the last time you bothered to take those contact details – name, address, email, and website URL.

While it might only take a minute, it’s something you can easily put off. By including your Kontakt QR code in your signature, all the other party needs to do is point their phone at the screen and scan the image.

It’s quick, it’s easy, and there’s no risk of them inputting the wrong contact details by mistake.

4. Conversation Starter at Physical Networking

Remember the scene from American Psycho where Patrick Bateman and his stock market colleagues are comparing their business cards – audibly impressed at the thickness of the card, the textured finishes, and the embossed fonts? If you’d have whipped out a Kontakt card in front of them, it would have blown their minds!

Even today, being able to tap your Kontakt card on a person’s iPhone and having it work as anticipated is a cool flex. If they’re not sporting a recent Apple product, you can still use the card as a conversation starter. 

Why not show off your tech skills by showing them how to enable NFC (Near Field Communication) features on their phone?

5. Measure Your Analytics

Keeping track of your new contacts is crucial for determining your number of leads, conversions, and other metrics. With physical business cards, you can keep a running tally, and it’s just as easy to do the same with a Kontakt card.

Each card is linked to the Kontakt app on your phone or other mobile devices. From there, you can see at a glance how many times the card has been scanned thanks to the easy-to-read analytics portal. By setting up multiple cards you can see which of your sales reps are making the most contacts in the field and how they end up translating to concrete leads down the road.

Being able to sort and analyse figures by date, you can see which networking events produce more leads for your company, helping you track your return on investment.

Got Your Kontakt Card?

It all sounds great, right?

Fast and accurate transfer of contact details, print and digital marketing opportunities, and versatile analytics. Plus you get to look like James Bond crossed with Bruce Wayne, when you whip one of these sleek and stylish-looking bad boys out at the end of a conversation.

If you haven’t already got one – that’s too bad. Luckily, Knights Digital is here to help. We’re sending out our Kontakt digital business cards, absolutely free of charge to anyone who asks for them. All you have to do is register on our site and we’ll handle the rest.

You’ll be racking up contacts with the tap of a card before you know it.

Kontakt Cards Free Digital Business Cards

Need a place to use it?

Here at Knights Digital, we’re networking all over the place – usually with 4N Online and the FAB Networking Group, and we know how useful networking with reliable and professional organisers can be for generating leads and contacts.

4N Online run loads of meetings – both online and offline – covering general business networking, as well as catering for specialist groups, geographical areas, and demographics. The FAB Networking Group only run a few events each year, but these are always special and well worth checking out. If you’re based in or around the Bolton area, check out FAB. If not, make 4N Online your first port of call.

Just don’t forget to take your Kontakt card with you!