Networking in Manchester

Networking in Greater Manchester

Looking for Networking events in Greater Manchester? We attend events in Wigan, Bolton, Astley, and across GM. Speak to your friendly local web developers in person, find out where we're at below.

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4N Greater Manchester

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Where The Knights Network

We regularly attend networking events operated by the following organizations.

Regular Networking In Greater Manchester

Your friendly local web developers at Knights regularly visit networking events listed above, if you can’t find one you can attend above, why not check out the links below for other opportunities we visit regularly.

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Want to Stand Out at Networking?

First impressions count, right? So make a lasting one with a super cool digital business card at networking!

We created Kontakt, the UK’s first free digital business card platform, to help our friends and clients stand out at networking events.

Don’t stand there typing email addresses and phone numbers in off business cards, it’s 2022 for Pete’s sake!

Simply tap your card on the back of your new prospect’s phone to share your contact info, request callbacks, and collect leads at networking meetings automatically.

Kontakt Cards Free Digital Business Cards

Learn To Network Better

Not a clue what to do at Network meetings? Can’t nail that elevator pitch? Sick of the anxiety before you stand up to talk? Caroline Andrew-Johnstone, The Rebel, has the answers.

A prolific networker, with more than 10 years in Network Central and a mightily impressive CV under her belt, is here to teach you how it’s done.

Check out her Facebook page and website below to learn more, go on, be a rebel.

Our Local Networking Partners

You can’t network alone… and these three ladies are our core partners in the networking events we help coordinate, support, and regularly visit. Take a look at their websites below and in true networking style, if you require their services, or know someone who does, please reach out!

Jenny Vadasz Aspire Accounts

Jenny Vadasz
Aspire Accounts

Jenny is the unstoppable force behind FAB Networking and Aspire Accounts. She runs the show in this local, niche, and independent networking group.

Rachael Chiverton Focus Guru

Rachael Chiverton
Focus Guru

Rachael is the organisational guru that coordinates and hosts our Network Central meetings in Greater Manchester.

Sylvia Poll Spanish Tutor

Sylvia Poll
Spanish Tutor

Sylvia is our friendly, multilingual, ambassador at our Network Central Greater Manchester meetings. A savvy business coach and spanish tutor.