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Having a professionally built website for your business is a great start, but what should you fill it with? Take a look at our article below to find out...

Posted 11th May 2021 | By Mischa Riley

Websites and Why they rock

As a business owner, nine times out of ten, you NEED one. They help you to better your business by generating leads, showcasing your services and giving your clients the professional vibe you’re looking for. 

They’re smart as Ken! And trust us, he’s a smart guy.

We all live in a modern world, one where technology is advancing so fast that it can be hard to keep up. Luckily, we’re a group of techno-wizards and our mission is to wave our magic wand and help you get the most out of your business. We appreciate that not everyone is capable of becoming one, so we’ve put together this article to help you understand a little bit more about how websites work. 

First of all, your website needs content. But what kind of content? If you’re a business, the answer is simple, it should advertise you and whatever it is you’re selling. Most importantly, your website should include a page for services, describing the process or product you’re offering in detail. If you want to sell directly to clients, adding an online shop is a fantastic tool that can help bridge the gap between product and customer. This platform is known as e-commerce, and with the likes of a global pandemic and physical stores being closed, this can be the lifeline your business needs.

Your JourneyLet's Get Personal

Having an ‘about us’ section can add a much needed personal touch to your website. Sometimes a website can feel a little impersonal, so let your customers get to know you by discussing your journey as a business owner. Talk about how your business started, where you’d like to be in the future and how you’re going to get there. Also, make sure that your contact pages are up to date so that your clients can get in touch with you. This could be through web chat, emails, phone to name a few, it’s up to you! Be accessible.

In addition, social media is also an important tool to help you grow your business. Platforms such as Facebook are a great starting point to generate leads, and sharing your website link to your page lets any prospective customers know that they’re dealing with the real deal. 

In the marketing world, these clients are known as ‘avatars’. I know what you’re thinking, but no, they are not the blue creatures with tails who swing through the jungle on vines. Sadly, oscar-winning writer and director James Cameron will not be helping you to sell things over the internet. But we do have web-geezer Jon, and that’s close enough.

Avatars are web-personas and your key demographic. Picture your ideal client; that is what an avatar is, and every page on your website should be targeting them. Think about age, gender, location and income level. For example, if you want to sell custom made candles, your demographic is more than likely going to be a woman. There are always exceptions to these (‘men can like candles too!’ I hear you say), so if you want to target a male demographic make sure to tailor your marketing. Find your niche!

Demographics Time to Make Your Mark

Similarly, psychographics can help you to target clients further. Like demographics, psychographics aim to understand your target market’s wants and needs such as hobbies, interests, beliefs, likes and dislikes. You can market your business better by finding these out through a series of questionnaires, interviews, polls or by using analytics. With website analytics you’re able to see who’s visiting your site, how they found you and what they’re looking at. You could find that a lot of products are being bought by male customers, so why not introduce a new range of musky scented candles and generate even more sales? Anything is possible!

Depending on what your business does, you might find that educational marketing could be helpful to get your customers to pay attention to you. For instance, if you’re a beauty business and looking to sell products in the industry, you could upload a series of ‘how to’ videos using the products you want to sell. Strangely enough, an influencer in the beauty industry has found a niche way to promote makeup products by discussing true crime cases in her tutorials. Bailey Sarian of ‘Murder, Mystery & Make-up’ even has a sold-out line of merchandise and clothing with a ‘suspicious’ twist, now that’s a demographic!

ADS, ADS, ADS! And Why You Need Them

When it comes to marketing, it’s important to stay as relevant as possible. The easiest way to do this is with landing pages and re-targeted ads. A landing page is just like an interactive, online leaflet. You would have inevitably come across hundreds of these pages on social media, and if you’ve ever clicked on one you’ll know that it takes you directly to a business’ website. But instead of taking you to their homepage, it diverts you to a page that shows you a specific product or service. 

If you implement tracking tools like Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel, you’ll be able to keep track of this data and repeat the ad for the customer through various platforms, gently nudging them to visit your website again. Over time, these repeated ads start to become familiar, and don’t feel like ads at all. Anybody who sees a re-targeted ad will remember you and get to know your brand. You can speak to them directly, showing them the product that they wish they’d bought – until they do! This makes your business truly unforgettable.

So How Can Knights Digital Help Your Business Grow?

Simply put, ALL of the above! 

We do everything expected of a digital marketing company, and more. With the launch of our new Alchemy package we can help your business grow from strength to strength. With web content, social media, paid advertising and more, we can take you from drab and dreary to fresh and tasty. With affordable prices and quality services, Knights Digital is the agency you need to take your business to the next level. 

For more information, feel free to contact us using the form below. We’re also available on social media, webchat and phone. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!