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Remote Desktop Support

Need help with something on your device? See below for a how-to on granting us access.

Let's Go

Remote Support Need Help with Something?

If we’ve sent you to this page, it’s because you’ve asked us to provide some remote support in connection with one of our services. Be it assistance logging in to your new website, email, granting access to your Facebook or Google Ads account, or something similar.

To grant us remote access to your computer, temporarily, we need you to open a small app on your computer that will enable us to connect to your device.

Please use the links below to download our remote access software, AnyDesk.

Remote Support For Mobiles

Head over to your app store and search for AnyDesk.

Download and install that on your device, and open the app.

Securely Tell Us Your Codes

First Open the Anydesk app, and follow the onscreen prompts to grant it access to your device.

Then either via telephone, email, or secure text message or chat, please then send us your 9 digit access code.

Then follow any prompts on screen to grant us access.

Cleaning Up After We're Done

To make sure you’re extra secure. Please close and delete the AnyDesk app from your device.

You can delete the app from your phone, drag it to your trash on Mac, or simply delete the icon on windows.