Retained Development Packages

High growth businesses like yours love to keep moving forward. Our retained development packages ensure that we've always got time in the diary to keep working on building new features for your app.

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Saving Capacity For Your Growth

Now we’ve built your minimum viable product, you’ll want to carry on building!

A growing business like yours that’s already invested in the starting point for their app will want to keep adding new features and evolving them with the business. 

Having Knights on hand with reserved capacity for your project means we can meet regularly and add new features to your app every month, instead of waiting for available resource in our project programme.

We price everything based on estimated time per feature, and that’s what we reserve in our calendar each month, plus all of the supporting elements of running a successful web development project.

Learn more below about what’s included.

Included In Your Price

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Working out what needs to be done on your project is key. Once you’ve got your minimum viable product up and running, having a clear roadmap for the next steps is important. We don’t charge for assisting you in scoping the project out and making plans.

Project Management

Regular meetings, orchestrating all parts of the team, managing your features and functions, deadlines, deployments and communications is included on top of your development resource.

Developer Resources

Internal and external developer resources are included, so you don’t need to worry about any surprise bills. It’s one flat fee, then that’s that.

Testing and Deployments

We test all of your developments for a suite of industry-standard checks and make sure everything is compatible with your existing codebase. We also manage deployment to your server within your package, so you have a fully operational product at the end of each month.

Debugging and Snagging

As with any research and development project, bigs can happen. So once we’ve built your new features, we also include additional time for snagging and debugging in your resource. So if something’s not quite working properly, or if you come across a bug, then we’ll fix it within your retained time.

Package Pricing
for Software Development

Every package is unique to your business and your app’s roadmap. Once your minimum viable product is up and running, you’ll have a clear idea of what needs building next.

Of course, we can price per feature, then work on them when you’re ready, but if you’re serious about driving forward then these example packages can give you an idea of cost, and what can be accomplished.

Example Package Pricing

Ideal for startups, looking to implement one major feature plus a few fixes each month.

For micro businesses, looking to build two major features, plus some tweaks to older modules.

Ideal for small businesses who are looking to seriously invest in their digital platforms.

We can build 3 or 4 major features within our 2 weeks of resource, not to mention tackling tweaks to existing modules, constantly refining and improving.

For larger companies, who are dedicated to building digital solutions or products that they might license to their clients.

Adding a digital platform to your arsenal of products can really streamline your business to scale rapidly.

This is for those who are one step away from hiring an in-house team, and need a product to help them

These packages serve as an example to give you ideas of costs per use case. Book a call with us to get a specific price that’s related to your roadmap.

Transparency As Standard

At Knights, it’s one of our core values to be completely transparent with our clients.

We believe in long term relationships, those that are based on honesty and integrity. It’s what we do. 

As such, we will be completely transparent up front in how much estimated resource each feature of your app will use, before we start your sprint.

You’re In Control

You choose which features we work on, and what we prioritise.

Need A Bespoke Solution? Custom Packages

If our tiers don’t suit your needs, we can help!

We have a simple pricing structure available if you need to tailor your own package. 

Need more time, a one-off build, a new minimum viable product? No problem.

If none of the packages fit your needs, we can tweak them at the drop of a hat. 

Get in touch below to discuss what you need.