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Whether you're looking to advertise your services, or sell your products online, our web design and development service is here to make the process as stress free as possible.

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Especially in today’s climate, your website is the biggest tool you’ve got in your business’ marketing arsenal.

Not only are they online and available even while you sleep to generate new enquiries or sell your products, but they also serve as the perfect spot to find out using ad technologies, who is interested in your business even if they don’t enquire.

Get your business online with Knights combined web design and development services.

aKnights Web Design Development
Whether you’re looking to sell online, show off your products, or simply advertise your services, we’re here to help.


One of the most popular content management systems on the planet. We love working with WordPress, it’s a great solution for businesses of any size, and we know it like the backs of our hands.


Get yourself a store that never closes with our eCommerce service. Sell your products or services online, manage postage, stock, and more. Automate your business for super scalability.


If your website needs to do something special, our Web Development team are experienced in building completely unique data driven applications to power your business. Could you be the next Uber? There’s no limit to what we can build.

Web Design VS Web Development What's the Difference?

A lot of companies in our field separate these two services out, and we’re no different at Knights. Keeping these two services separate means we can explore more ideas at design stage, and waste no time at development, keeping the cost down for you.

Web Design

Web Design is all about the look and feel of the website. At this stage we don’t look at writing code and actually implementing the site, but how it looks and feels. We also look into the functionality, layout of your pages, colours, fonts, and loads of other important stuff.

Web Development

Web Development is where we take your design, whether created by our qualified graphic design team or a third party, and turn it into a fully functioning website. We’ll code things up, implement your content or store management system, test everything, and deploy to either our hosting, or a provider of your choice.

Separating off the design and development phases in certain web projects makes sure we can nail the look and feel before we take to the build. This keeps costs down and smooths out the build process, as fewer mistakes are made when it comes to the coding!

LocationsWe work with people from...

As a digital business, enabled by the latest technology, we are not limited by geography, but we do work notably with people from neighbouring towns…

Local Web Design Services

We work with businesses all over the world, but we love working with businesses local to us in Leigh, Bolton, Atherton and the whole Wigan Borough.

Whether you’re a local estate agent, nursery, print company, engineering works, or even a wax melt company, we’re here to help with a new or update of your website, an app to help you run your business, or some digital advertising.

Global Web Design Clients

We work regularly with clients across the world including international organisations such as Psychology of Vision, and retail brands such as Ellington Timepiece and YellowPup.

Web Design Our Portfolio

The best way to show you our web design and development skill, is in our past portfolio.

We have a large catalogue of web design, development, data engineering, PPC, and other business growth projects to showcase below.