Why Your Business Needs a Website

Having a professional website can transform your business. Take a look at the below article to find out why...

Posted 11th May 2021 | By Mischa Riley

A Professional Website CAN BOOST YOUR BUSINESS

As a business, you’re always thinking about ways to be more successful. The question of social media and websites inevitably will cross your mind, and for a business owner who isn’t so tech-savvy it can be quite a daunting prospect. 

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have changed the way that we shop. Delivery services such as Amazon’s ‘Prime Now’, one click of a button and your product can get to you in under 4 hours. For some celebrities and internet personalities, being an ‘influencer’ has become a full time job. These people are actually PAID tens of thousands to promote all sorts of products such as clothes, holidays and consumables. 

When marketing and social media is done right, it can be a crucial tool to a business’ success!

But social media is free, why do I need to back it up with a website? 

We’ve made a comprehensive list of what a professionally tailored website can do for you and your business, and having it behind a solid social strategy is key to success.

Reason 1: List Your Services

As a business, there are many advantages to having a professionally tailored website. But the main purpose is to advertise your services and let your customer know exactly what you have to offer. With a website, you’re able to go describe the process of each service in detail, keep your prices up to date, and really show off your business. 

For example, If you’re a business that offers a wide variety of beauty treatments, you’ll be able to detail exactly what these are, what products you use and how each of these treatments will benefit your customers. If you sell clothes, jewellery or something a little different, we can set you up with an online shop; streamlining the ordering process. 

Ultimately, It’s all about YOU and YOUR business. Whether you want to showcase your products and services, feature case studies and testimonials about your work, we can make this happen!

Reason 2: Keeping Up With The Competition

It’s also a good idea to take a look at what your competitors are up to. For instance, a customer is looking online for a service that you provide; they see two companies on facebook advertising similar services. However, only one business has a website. 

Your Facebook page has a short description of services, pricing, and pictures, meaning that a customer has to trawl through your generic page to search for the information they need. Whereas, your competitor has a facebook page AND a link to their super-smart website with fresh content, detailed pricing structure and testimonial page. 

They’re able to tailor their website with their own logo, pages and are able to curate every aspect of it to attract their clients. They are the definition of professionalism. 

So, which one would you choose?

Reason 3: Curate Your Services

One important aspect to your website, and business as whole, is to know your target audience. In marketing speak, we call your ideal customer an ‘avatar’. 

With a website, we’re able to build service and landing pages targeted to your key avatars and curate services tailored to them. Not to be confused with a homepage, service and landing pages make it easier for clients to buy from your business. 

These can be very useful tools for your business, as a customer can be diverted to a specific landing page by following a link from social media. A landing page serves as an online leaflet, and can be used to promote specific services or products you would like to offer at the time.

Reason 4: You’re in Control

With a professional website you’re able to allow your customers to contact you, on their terms. You can choose one or more of the following options to include on your website, for your customers to choose from, all in one place for when they’re ready:

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Social Media Links
  • Web Chat
  • Forums
  • Text
  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Address
  • Webform

Reason 5: Be Unforgettable

Using tracking tools like Google Analytics and Facebook’s Pixel, we’re able keep track of who is visiting your site, and with this data we can re-target ads to people everywhere. 

With the use of social media on smartphones, a potential customer can discover you while travelling on public transport, in the supermarket and even while sitting on the loo! Your business is discoverable everywhere, and re-targeting allows your adverts to be seen on multiple platforms such as Google, Youtube and news sites. 

Essentially, you’re giving your avatars a friendly nudge to remind them that you’re there. After all, a relevant ad doesn’t feel like an ad at all, making your business truly unforgettable.

Reason 6: Share Your Values

The foundation of every business is built upon a set of core values. Ideally, the clients that you want to attract are like-minded and share in your ideals. Attracting the wrong type of client does not result in a win-win scenario for either you, or them. 

After all, why would you want to develop bad working relationships? 

However, having a beautifully tailored website is the perfect place to showcase your business and express your values. With your own website you can educate any potential customers on how your business works, and have the complete freedom to express yourself. 

With your own website, you’re selling yourself and your business without even having to try. A link to your website is all your customers need.

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Having an online presence that has the right look and feel for your business can boost profits, target new customers and help you to become more successful. Easy right? 

Well…it’s not as simple as you might think. Updating your social media, advertising and website on a regular basis can become a full time job, and some businesses just simply do not have the time. This is where we come in! 

Knights Digital now offers a content marketing service called ‘Alchemy’, that will take control, banish stress and do the hard work for you.

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