A Digital Safe Haven for Just BU

We've been working on this rewarding project supporting Just BU through their digital transformation for a number of years. Providing a digital safe haven for their service users was a privilege we don't take lightly.

Working with CICs and Charities is always a privilege. But Just BU have always been close to home with Knights and our founder’s previous agencies. We’ve had the privilege of branding them, working on their web presence, and consulting with Justin, his team, and service users on a number of issues over the years.

A Secure Platform

The Just BU website serves as a secure platform where their clients can engage with the internet in a safe and monitored manner, that grants them a voice to speak out about their experiences in life and with Just BU.

When Just BU members spend time producing content on our bespoke accessible CMS during their Enable I.T. sessions, their posts are held in a secured offline area where the Just BU care providers can review all content to keep them safe.

This very sensitive project gives Just BU a huge USP. It is incredibly simple to use for people of varying levels of accessibility, yet provides a powerful platform to broadcast their thoughts online, giving a unique insight into their lives and time at Just BU.

Hardware Considerations

This platform was built with Just BU’s internal hardware in mind. Their IT suites boast a selection of large touch screen interfaces and various tablets for their members to interact with.

Building the website with this in mind was of prime importance. With clear iconographical navigation, large tap targets, and plenty of high contrast colours to make finding your way around as simple as possible.