Brand and Web for Best Financial Services

Best Financial Services approached us for some assistance on their new brand, website, and lead management app.

Clean and Friendly

As the Best FS site is dealing with a rather personal industry with a demographic spanning all ages, we wanted the site to be very easy to navigate, with lots of open space and clean friendly imagery.

A simple dropdown menu enables visitors to jump quickly to the relevant page for them, and clear call to action guides visitors through the journey to reach a simple and bold enquiry form.

Lead Management

There’s nothing worse than missing a lead. Best FS won’t have that issue thanks to our simple lead management interface.

Utilising CSS and MVC frameworks (fancy bits of re-usable code that speed up development), we were able to keep development cost down to a minimum, whilst giving them a bespoke app to manage leads on the back end of the website.

This ensures that undelivered email, high volumes of enquiries, and overwhelm will not see them lose an enquiry. Which in turn, means they can deliver even better customer service than before.

A Brand to Boot

Best didn’t only commission Knights to complete their web build, we also assisted them in creating a bold and recognisable brand that they can use uniformly across their business, thanks to a clearly laid out brand guide.