Children’s Residential Home Provider Gets A Refresh In Bolton

Next Stage Group are a well-known care provider for people of all ages. From young children right up to the elderly. They have multiple divisions across the north west, and were in the market for a refresh of their website to match the amazing work they do and speak more directly to the different people who interface with their business.

A Website for Bolton Children’s Home Provider

Whilst working on a web app for a local care group, Next Stage, it came to light that they were looking for a refresh of their existing websites. A full strategy was devised to re-imagine their website to speak to the different types of people who might land on their pages, instead of speaking about their services.

A Clean Web Design and Fresh Strategy

We discovered that the key users for their site would be care professionals looking to cross-refer to the service, the local authorities, young people themselves, and parents or carers of the children in their homes. So we created a strategy that focussed on these key demographics or people.

Tailoring their services and language to each user was a perfect way to showcase different information to each audience, answering any questions they may have and demonstrating their expertise right on the page.