Delivering Web For Electrical Component Specialists

CPN Cudis, a leading manufacturer of electrical components specializing in Consumer Units, Enclosures, Surge Protection Solutions, and Circuit Protection Devices, approached us after several successful years with our SEO partner.

Leveraging Digital

Despite their strong market presence and optimized online visibility, their outdated website layout was the final obstacle preventing them from achieving top search engine rankings and fully leveraging their eCommerce potential. They needed a comprehensive digital overhaul to better serve their wholesale partners and streamline the online ordering process.

A Clean New eCommerce Website

We enthusiastically partnered with CPN Cudis to redesign their website from the ground up. Our solution included a sleek, modern layout that not only improved usability but also enhanced their brand’s professional image.

We developed a specialized pricing system within their eCommerce platform tailored for their wholesale partners, allowing for seamless access to specialist pricing and streamlined online ordering.

This redesign not only improved their SEO performance but also provided their customers with an efficient and user-friendly experience. CPN Cudis’ commitment to excellence, bolstered by complete product support from their 18th Edition qualified technical team, was a driving force in our collaborative effort, and we are proud to have contributed to their continued success and growth in the industry.