Lesterpress Letterpress Tickets

Digital Evolution for Traditional Printers: Lesterpress

For decades, this globally known printers has been maintaining its mastery of traditional letterpress printing of roll tickets, event tickets, and much more. We had the privilege of bringing the tech that powers them into the 21st century.

For decades Lesterpress Printers have been masterfully mass producing roll-tickets, bingo tickets, event tickets, and many others for businesses across the world. They approached Knights as the database that was powering their centuries old machinery needed an upgrade.

Digital Transformation for Lesterpress

We analysed the flow of information through the business and were able to successfully implement a brand new web application that would help speed up their job issue process, and ensure customers could be priced and printed with speed, and ease.

A legacy Microsoft Access database was rapidly struggling to cope with demand, and needed to be replaced with a full fledged web application to power their printers.

Upgrading from Microsoft Access

Having all of their data resting on one machine was risky, so this new application with distributed cloud compute, and daily backups off-site, was a massive upgrade.

No longer are they tied to a slowly failing computer in a corner of the office, they can access, issue, and manage their print workload from any device, anywhere in the office, or the world for that matter.

Business Intelligence To Boot

Once we’d got their data on board, we provided some simple reports, and a new workflow with the accounts department to speed up their invoicing process, and keep tabs on how the business was performing.

This frees up their lean management team for more strategic tasks, and to help the business grow.