The Only Way Is Melts

Ecommerce for Bolton Wax Retailers

After dominating online business with an organic Facebook group to sell her wax melts, Tracy of The Only Way Is Melts needed to expand with some automated order management to free up her evenings, and streamline her business.

Ecommerce for Bolton Wax Retailers

Tracy of The Only Way is Melts grew her fragranced wax, personal care, and home decor business from scratch, using a private Facebook group to generate interest in her products. Management of orders of such a massively scaling business via Facebook Messenger was rapidly becoming unsustainable, so a solution was required.

An Affordable Ecommerce Website

We used WordPress, Elementor, and Woocommerce to craft a minimalist website that would allow her products to speak for themselves. It’s easy to manage, and handles all of her ordering and logistics for her to free her and the team to do what she does best: create high quality home fragrances.

Ecommerce Websites for Bolton

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