Giving Huge Media A Huge Redesign

Huge Media, a specialist large media advertising agency renowned for their expertise in taxi advertising, large format print, and massive media campaigns, came to us after collaborating with our SEO partner for several years.

Sometimes, It’s Time For A Web Upgrade…

Despite their impressive track record and significant efforts to optimize their online presence, their outdated website layout was the final obstacle preventing them from achieving higher search engine rankings and fully showcasing their capabilities. They needed a comprehensive digital overhaul to better curate their services and present a professional, engaging online presence that matched their industry stature.

A New Digital Strategy, Delivered

We were excited to partner with Huge Media to tackle this challenge head-on. Our strategy focused on creating targeted landing pages for each type of client they serve, including businesses looking for taxi advertising, large format print solutions, and expansive media campaigns.

These pages were designed to provide tailored content, showcase their expertise, and highlight successful case studies. In addition to improving functionality, we crafted a clean new visual design that sets Huge Media apart from competitors, reflecting their innovation and leadership in the advertising industry.

By enhancing their website’s layout and aesthetics, we helped Huge Media overcome their final digital hurdle, ensuring they can climb the search engine ranks and continue to grow their business.

Supporting such a forward-thinking and dynamic agency was a rewarding experience, and we’re proud to have contributed to their ongoing success.