Large Scale Retail Analytics with Baker Bennett

Working with Baker Bennett over the last few years has been massively rewarding on both sides of the coin. One click reporting, powerful business analytics and supply chain management, we couldn't possibly outline the scope of this project in a single case study.

We have a proud and long standing relationship with Baker Bennett, a company that manages the distribution on ambient baked products from across Europe, with large retailers in the UK such as Asda, Tesco, Sainsburys, Morrisons, Waitrose, and more.

Big Data, Big Responsibility

Rapid business intelligence and data security is absolutely key when dealing with large scale retail. Fast decision making, and world class customer care is what sets our client apart from their competition.

Our app enables them a level of analytical data access that was previously a laborious process. The time saved in preparing snapshot reports relating to distribution, logistics, sales, EPOS, promotional, and many other data points, is invaluable to them.

Processing large amounts of data and delivering it in easy to digest dashboards frees up high level management from tedious reporting tasks, granting them the time they need to make strategic decisions for the better of their business, their clients, and supply chain.

Back Office Functions

Within the same platform we automate back office functions, such as holiday bookings, the collation of staff records, time and attendance tracking, and much more, to further free the team up for more strategic tasks.

Data Transparency

A supplier accessible interface has also been designed to enable their supply chain realtime access to sales and logistical data to make them more nimble in their response to supply chain demand.

This level of data transparency and availability makes maintaining a high quality standard a breeze, assisting our client with their industry qualifications such as BRC Accreditation.

Work To Be Proud Of

The app has many features beyond what we could possibly fit into a single case study, however, we believe the response from our client alone encapsulates how successful this project continues to be.

We can’t believe how sophisticated our app is, we were so excited to go live. It’s a big USP for us and the intelligence will be great for our supply chain.

Hayley Jones, Finance Director, Baker Bennett

Got A Data Problem

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