Recycling for Schools with Reschool

Recycling for Education with Reschool

Founded by two teachers from Bolton, best mates Adam and Patch wanted to change the way that Schools recycled their old equipment. After some bad experiences on eBay, they took to the web to pitch their new idea to the masses, and Reschool was born.

A Web App for The Education Sector

Adam and Patch approached us with an idea, to change the way that schools recycle. After years of working in schools as teachers, they realised that there is an ongoing problem in the industry with recycling old equipment.

Sick of seeing useable equipment going to landfill, and following some bad experiences trying to source stock for their schools on a budget, they had the idea of creating a safe, vetted, secure space where schools and approved traders could exchange their goods.

This would ensure schools had direct and secure access to other schools, where they could share, hire, sell and swap resources, without having to risk buying second hand equipment from the likes of eBay or Gumtree.

With their help, more tech and equipment from the sector stays within safe hands, and not on the rubbish heap.

Knights were engaged to develop the web app that would power their new business that they will be running alongside their careers as teachers.

The Web App

Their app allows users to sign up to verified accounts that Adam and Patch manually oversee to ensure no unsolicited salespeople can spam the site. Users can then create a profile and list their wares for people to then browse, by region or category, to hopefully purchase, swap, or hire from each other.

If you’re a school looking to join the revolution, head over to Reschool and enquire!