A Fresh Makeover for Shout Promotions

It was a great opportunity for the Knights to take on this mammoth Wordpress project for shout promotions. Hundreds of portfolio pages to prettify and a beautiful mobile experience to craft to expose their talent more easily for their core traffic source: mobile devices.

Mockups of Bespoke WordPress Theme for Shout Promotions

Automatically generated category views and menus make administrating the site 70% less time consuming than before, whilst making sure it’s easy to find the act you’re looking for from their massive catalog.

A New Brand

Whilst a new website was in the pipeline, we also recommended shout get themselves fixed up with a new brand to match. They wanted to retain a similar colour scheme to their existing so as to not change too much at once, but love their new look and feel of the brand.

Working with Shout on their brief, we decided we wanted something that was more organic, fun, and lively, as opposed to corporate and clean, so we developed a number of options.

Eventually we refined things down to a choice of two, and the above was the winning article.